Special Awards

Best Natural Metal Finish
Best Gloss Finish
Best Detailed
Best Camouflage Finish
Best Aircraft
Best Armor
Best Automotive
Best Nautical
Best Figure
Best Space/Sci-Fi
Best Diorama
Best Junior Award
Most Popular(People's Choice)
Grand Theme Award: 75th Anniversary of Naval Station Mayport
Special Theme Award: "Crazy 8s"
Judge's Grand Award Best of Show

Award Categories

Class Category
1. Aircraft
A. 1/72 Single Engine Prop 1935-WWII
B. 1/72 Single Engine Prop post WWII
C. 1/72 Multi Engine Prop, except Biplanes
D. 1/72 Jet
E. 1/48 Single Engine Prop 1935-WWII
F. 1/48 Single Engine Prop post WWII
G. 1/48 Multi Engine Prop
H. 1/48 Jet
I. 1/48 & smaller Biplanes
J. 1/32 & larger Biplanes
K. Airliners, all scales
L. Civilian (other than airliners), all scales
M. 1/144 Military, all
N. Rotary Wing, all
O. Vacuform, Major Conversion, Scratchbuilt
P. X-Planes, 1946 Luftwaffe, Hypothetical
Q. 1/48 Multi Engine Jet (podded & in wings)
R. 1/32 & larger Jet
S. 1/32 & larger Prop
T. UAV's All scales  
2. Armor
A. Artillery, Rockets, Missiles
B. 1/25 & larger
C. 1/72 & smaller Tracked
D. 1/72 & smaller No tracks
E. 1/48 scale, all
F. 1/35 Open top (tank destroyers)
G. 1/35 Closed top, Axis, Light, pre 1946
H. 1/35 Closed top, Axis, Medium, pre 1946
I. 1/35 Closed top, Axis, Heavy, pre 1946
J. 1/35 Closed top, Allied, Heavy, pre 1946
K. 1/35 Closed top, Allied, Light, pre 1946
L. 1/35 Closed top, Allied, Medium, pre 1946
M. 1/35 Closed top, NATO, post WWII
N. 1/35 Closed top, Warsaw Pact, post WWII
O. 1/35 Halftracks, Soft skin, Wheeled
P. Scratchbuilt, all
3. Automotive
A. Factory Stock (showroom / factory options)
B. Street Machine (body '49 & newer)
C. Street Rod (body '48 & older)
D. Rat Rods/Junkers
E. Lowrider/Tuners
F. Show Cars/Customs (major body mods)
G. Competition NASCAR/oval track
H. Competition Drag
I. Competition Road
J. Competition Other
K. Trucks Light/Heavy Commercial
L. Motorcycle
M. Miscellaneous
4. Nautical
A. 1/700 & smaller, Aircraft carriers
B. 1/699 & larger, Aircraft carrirers
C. 1/700 & smaller, Military ships, powered
D. 1/699 & larger, Military ships, powered
E. Civilian ships, Boats, powered
F. 1/350 & smaller, Submarines
G. 1/349 & larger, Submarines
H. Sailing ships, all
I. Scratchbuilt ships, all
5. Figures
A. 54mm & smaller, Historical
B. 55mm & larger, Historical
C. 54mm & smaller, Non-historical
D. 55mm & larger, Non-Historical
E. 54mm & smaller, Mounted
F. 55mm & larger, Mounted
G. 54mm & smaller, Monster / Horror
H. 55mm & larger, Monster / Horror
I. Small scale busts
J. Large scale busts
K. Fighting suits, Space suits
L. Anime, all
6. Space and Sci-fi
A. Real Space, Rockets, Boosted vehicles
B. Real Space, Satelites, Orbital platforms
C. Sci-Fi, Star Trek
D. Sci-Fi, Star Wars
E. Sci-Fi, all other ships
F. Sci-Fi, all other vehicles
7. Diorama
A. Military vehicles
B. Civilian vehicles
C. Aircraft
D. Ships
E. Space, Sci-fi
F. Figures only, 3-5 figures, Vignettes
G. Figures only, 6+ figures
8. Juniors
A. Aircraft
B. Armor
C. Automotive
D. All Other
9. Out of the Box
A-1. Aircraft- BASIC KITS (all scales)
A-2. Aircraft- MULTI-MEDIA KITS (all scales)
B-1. Armor- BASIC KITS (all scales)
B-2. Armor- MULTI-MEDIA KITS (all scales)
C-1. Automotive- BASIC KITS (all scales)
C-2. Automotive- MULTI-MEDIA KITS (all scales)
D-1. All Other Genres- BASIC KITS (all scales)
D-2. All Other Genres- MULTI-MEDIA KITS (all scales)
10. Miscellaneous
A. Collections
B. Dinosaurs
C. Humor in Modeling
D. Ace of Aces
E. All Other
11. Theme Awards
A. 75th Anniversary of Naval Station Mayport
B. "Crazy 8s"