Contest Rules for JAXCON 2018

IPMS FIRST COAST will present FIRST (gold), SECOND (silver), and THIRD (bronze) place awards for 100 regular categories during JAXCON 2018. There will also be an ACE (Award for Competitive Excellence) for entries of significant merit that do not win, show, or place in a given category. There will be 16 individual specialized awards, including grand and special theme awards, and the Judge's Grand Award Best of Show. All awards will feature commemorative, theme based artwork.

The following standards will be in effect:

1. JUNIORS: Junior division categories are limited to members 17 years and younger. Junior members may, at their own discretion, enter any or all of their models in senior divisions; however models entered in senior divisions will not be eligible for special junior award.

2. Models that have won First, Second, or Third place awards in any category of any previous Jaxcon event, IPMS/USA National Convention, or Regional Contest may not be entered. Previous award winners CAN be used as noted in collections. Models that have previously won an award as part of a collection may also be entered individually in the contest.

3. The Chief Judge will exclude/remove from competition any entry considered by Contest officials to be inappropriate or offensive to generally acknowledged standards of taste and acceptability.

A. The following are prohibited in competition and may not be placed on display at any IPMS event:
i. There shall be no depiction of excretory functions depicting any human being or animal.
ii. There shall be no depiction of sado-masochistic activity, equipment, settings or situations, to any degree, regardless of whether there are figures in the model and regardless of whether any figures present in the model are clothed.
iii. There shall be no depictions of explicit sexual conduct, bilateral or autoerotic, regardless of degree and regardless of the clothing-status of the participants, that involves the touching of the breasts or genitals or other erogenous zones of any depicted figure.
iv. There shall be no depiction of any nude human male or female figures where the genitalia of the figure is exposed where the clear intent of the same is to portray a sexual scene.

B. The following may be entered in the competition or put on display but can be presented only behind opaque screens or similar visual barriers and only where visitors are provided with a fair description, in written format, of the contents of the models behind the screen. This screened presentation covers competitors and the general public, but no person younger than 18 will be admitted except in the presence of an adult responsible for the young person, subject to the provisions of governing local law:
i. Depictions of any nude human male or female figure, subject to the provisions of 5A, above.
ii. Models or dioramas of historic events (e.g., general dioramas or specific depictions of the result of the activities of the communist Cambodian Pol Pot regime, a Soviet Gulag, or a Nazi death camp) where the suffering of human beings, or the result of a pogrom, is depicted. Where the theme, content or subject matter of presentations is graphic or would violate any provisions cited above, then the presentation is prohibited in any setting.

4. Modelers entering pieces that exceed three feet in either width or length, or that require special power support or special placement, must notify the Contest Chairman at least one month in advance. The limited space for the Contest requires pre-planning for such entries. Failure to provide advanced notification for such models could result in their being unable to compete or inadequate special support.

5. Contest entrants/exhibitors are encouraged to leave their models in the display room until the awards presentation is over and the attendees have had the maximum opportunity to view them.


The model builder should note that building a model “out of the box” (OOTB) is a CHOICE. Models in these categories have limitations applied to them that are not applied to builds in the rest of the categories.

The “spirit” of building OOTB is two-fold: First, to limit yourself to only those items supplied by the kit maker (except for the few exceptions listed in these rules) and yet get the absolute best result in spite of any shortcomings in the kit, be that in detailing or accuracy. Second, to compete at a more basic level, knowing that modeling “skills” are the only difference; not what is supplied by the kit manufacturer, nor any scratch building or aftermarket detailing. The idea is to build the model as provided by the manufacturer, and not to “enhance” it in any way outside of basic modeling skills.

JAXCON will have categories for TWO types of OOTB competition: Basic Kits and Multi-Media Kits. Basic Kits are those without resin or photo-etched parts in the box, and Multi-Media kits have one or both of those types of parts included in the box. This makes the skill level for each of those categories more even for competition, and prevents the perception that detailing makes a difference in winning.

Any model that has been built to OOTB specifications can be placed in a regular JAXCON category (instead of an OOTB category), if desired. It will compete there on its own merits against any and all other entries in that particular category, if done so.

1. ALL OOTB ENTRIES MUST HAVE THE KIT INSTRUCTIONS DISPLAYED WITH THE MODEL. Any OOTB entry without instructions will be moved to the appropriate regular category for competition, and will not be eligible for an OOTB award.

2. What you MAY do (in addition to the regular basics of building): sand thickly molded KIT parts to a more scale thickness; drill out gun barrels, exhaust pipes, hawser and port holes, and other small apertures; flatten kit provided tires to simulate weight; block off any see-through areas (ex. Engine intake-exhaust area) with plain (non-detailed) material; replace lost panel line/surface detail due to sanding and/or rescribe an entire model if desired (but aftermarket surface details, such as resin rivets, are NOT allowed).

3. What you MAY NOT do: replace parts with parts from other kits; vacuform, cast, or manufacture replacement parts; cut or separate parts molded as one piece in a kit, drop flaps, or open hatches (no surgery); convert a model to a type not provided by the kit maker with the parts in the box and/or as provided for in the instructions; add ANY aftermarket resin or photo-etched parts not provided in the kit by the maker (with the exceptions listed below).

4. EXCEPTIONS: The following items MAY be added to OOTB entries, if desired: BASIC rigging for biplanes/rigged aircraft (NO turnbuckles unless provided in the kit), rigging for ship masts; antennas (whipped, aerial, or line type); seat belts/buckles (scratch built or aftermarket) are allowed. NO other exceptions will be made at the show except as modified and printed in these rules in the future.

5. FINISHES: Any and all finishing techniques are allowed. Any decals may be used. Markings may be painted on if desired. Weathering is permitted.

6. Models in OOTB categories found to violate the OOTB rules will be disqualified and not judged. They will not be moved to other categories. Always check with the Head Judge BEFORE judging begins if you have any questions about your entry!


1. JUDGING: Models will be judged for skill in construction, finish, realism, scope of effort, and accuracy. Additional criteria are considered for special categories such as dioramas, collections, conversions, and triathlon. Models are judged as three-dimensional objects and are examined in all aspects. Entries will be handled, by judges both for proper table placement and for judging, as required. Models in the Contest Room may be covered by cases while on general public display, but such cases must be removed from models for judging. Judges will not remove cases from models unless the modeler has given explicit, written, approval in advance. Models in cases will not be judged. The following is an exception to this rule: In instances where removal of a case could cause damage, and in the judgment of the respective Head Judge the case would not impede effective judging, the case may be left on for judging. This arrangement must be made prior to judging and noted in writing on the entry form by the Head Judge. The Head Judge will have the final and exclusive authority to allow or deny this exemption.

2. COMPOSITION: The use of plastic is encouraged; however, the use of other modeling materials is allowed as the builder sees fit. Judging standards of finish, attention to detail, and authenticity will be the same, regardless of the materials used.

5. FIGURES: Class entries will not be classified as dioramas by the inclusion of accessories supplied in the figure kit.

6. MARKINGS: In aircraft and military vehicle Classes, markings will determine the category in which a model is entered. For example a C-47 in military markings would normally be placed in the Multi-Engine category, but if in airliner markings it would be placed in an Airliner category. A Shuttle, either by itself or attached with fuel tank and booster, goes in Real Spacecraft, while a Shuttle on the back of a NASA Boeing 747 goes in civil Aircraft.

7. MISSILES: When the missile's transport vehicle or launcher is the predominant portion of the system, (e.g., SCUD, Patriot), the model will be entered in the appropriate Armor category. Military launch vehicles (e.g., V-2, ICBM, IRBM), civilian launch vehicles (e.g., Scout, Saturn), and military launch vehicles modified for civil missions (e.g., Atlas/Agena, Jupiter C) will be entered in the Real Spacecraft category.

8. JETS: Jet Aircraft categories include manned, rocket-powered aircraft if primarily designed for military use (Me-163, XF-91, I-270 etc) will go to the aspirate aircraft category. Those designed as research vehicles (X-1, X-15 etc) will be placed in the Real Space category.

9. BASES/DIORAMAS: Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in the judging except in the Diorama classes. A base may be a piece of undecorated wood, plastic or glass or it may simulate the natural surface on which the prototype would be found; however, nothing other than that surface may be used. Aircraft and military vehicles may rest on simulated ground or paving, and aircraft that need beaching gear or dollies may be so equipped. Ships may be displayed in water (no dry docks). The base must not be the predominant feature of the entry and must be of a size proportionate to the model. The Contest Chairman and Judges reserve the right to exclude oversize bases. The model may include primary crew figures. The addition of any other figures or equipment outside or not attached to, the model (e.g., support equipment, shell splashes, or buildings) will make the model a Diorama, which must then be entered in the proper Diorama category. Dioramas are judged not only on the technical merit of their construction but also on the strength of the theme or story they present, so that if two dioramas were technically equal the one having the stronger theme or story would win. A previous national contest winner may be used as part of a diorama as long as it not the primary focuses of the diorama.

10. COLLECTIONS: Five or more models make up a "collection." The builder defines what makes it a collection (same type, same squadron, same service, same era, etc.). The collection is judged on overall quality (as an aggregate of the individual model quality) first, and theme second. IF two collections are deemed exactly equal, the one with the closest "theme" definition (closest in sameness) will win.

11. JUDGES: JAXCON uses the participant judging method. The Chief Judge will be provided by IPMS First Coast and will provide a briefing before contest judging begins. Judging teams will be composed of multiple judges, typically three individuals, preferably representing different locations and with experience within the category (aircraft, armor, etc.) they are judging. Judges may not judge a category in which they are entered. Strict impartiality will be observed, and violators will be removed from judging. Any judges disqualified for cause may not assume any role related to the contest and may not be present in the room during the judging for any reason. This will include, but not be limited to, administrative, scoring, photographic and other support responsibilities. Juniors may not serve as voting judges, but may be assigned to judging teams as participating observers.

12. ALL JUDGES' DECISIONS ARE FINAL: Contest registrars will help determine proper entry categories for models during registration, but final category placement is at the discretion of the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge may split categories during final judging as needed. It is recognized that judging model build quality in a show setting is an imperfect process. In hotly contested categories, the difference in entry quality at the top can be slight. You might feel that your model is the best on the table and still not win, but if you attend shows regularly, there will come a time when you think another entry might be slightly better than yours, but you get the win. Participants are asked to respect the decisions of judging teams and accept them with grace.

13. IPMS First Coast is solely responsible for the creation, modification, addition, and deletion of all Rules and Categories for this contest.

14. No liability for loss or damage to contest entries is assumed by IPMS/USA, IPMS First Coast, The University of North Florida, or any of the contest judges.

15. JAXCON uses a "modified sweeps" approach. An entrant can win no more than 2 of the 3 possible awards in any one category, UNLESS they are the ONLY entrant in that category, in which case they can take all 3 awards.

16. THEME RULES 2018: 75th Anniversary of Naval Station Mayport and "Crazy 8s".

Naval Station Mayport was commissioned in 1942, and 2017 marks the completion of 75 years of service. JAXCON 2018 will feature a grand theme award honoring Naval Station Mayport and the many ships and aircraft that served our nation operating from this historic base.

1) IF you wish to compete for this award, you MUST enter your model in THIS category, Category 11A. Qualifying types entered in other categories will NOT be considered.
2)Any vessel or aircraft that was home ported at NS/NAS Mayport is an acceptable entry for this category.
3) Models of all scales will compete together. Any decision to split will be based solely on participation numbers at the discretion of the Chief Judge.

"Crazy 8s." JAXCON 2018 will feature a special theme award called Crazy 8's.

1) IF you wish to compete for this award, you MUST enter your model in THIS category, Category 11B. Qualifying types entered in other categories will NOT be considered.
2)Any vessel, vehicle, or aircraft that in some way contains the number 8, or any vehicle with the #8 prominently displayed on it is an acceptable entry for this category. (race car #, aircraft type, squadron code, etc.). Examples would be FFG-8, AV-8, VF-84, 68 Mustang, CVN-68, NASCAR #88, etc.
3) Models of all scales will compete together. Any decision to split will be based solely on participation numbers at the discretion of the Chief Judge.